Ep. 196 | LAL/GSW, PHX/DEN Game 5s, All-NBA Teams

Join us as we dive deep into the twists and turns of Golden State Warriors vs. the LA Lakers and Phoenix Suns vs. Denver Nuggets before turning our attention to possible conference finals matchups, then, analyse the All-NBA teams from top top bottom.

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How do the Sacramento Kings follow this up?

8 May 2023 · Sean Carroll

The Kings reached the playoffs, snapped their 16-year drought and sniffed 50 wins. How can they build on this record-breaking season?

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Storylines to follow in the 2023 WNBA season

4 May 2023 · Lukas Petridis

The WNBA is looking toward unchartered territory for its 27th edition. We take a look at what’s in store for the fans this year.

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The new NBA CBA is bad for basketball

13 April 2023 · Sean Carroll

With parity at the front of minds during CBA negotiations, the league missed the forest for the trees and might ruin what was working so well.

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The Pelicans are going where Brandon Ingram takes them

4 April 2023 · Marco Holden Jeffery

Brandon Ingram is playing the best basketball of his career, period. Can he help the Pelicans lock in a playoff spot and push into the post-season?

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Toronto commits to winning, but is it the right call?

14 February 2023 · Will Konken

The Toronto Raptors got what they were searching for in a centre at the trade deadline and it’s a familiar face to boot.

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Luka Doncic is redefining winning basketball

2 February 2023 · Matt Parnell

With an absurd load on his shoulders, Luka Doncic is keeping the Dallas Mavericks contending in the Western Conference. Is he even more valuable than we think?

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Hosted by Dante and Sean (@SeanCarrollNBA), The Deep Two is a weekly NBA podcast that goes live weekly to talk about all things NBA-related from opening night all the way to the offseason. We hope you enjoy!

Ep. 195 | GSW/LAL, PHI/BOS, DEN/PHX and Dillon Brooks Island

The playoffs are heating up and we’re here to dive deep on the Golden State Warriors/LA Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers/Boston Celtics matchups. Plus, we’ll talk about what’s going wrong for the Phoenix Suns, why the Miami Heat/New York Knicks series is so compelling and what’s next for Dillon Brooks after his disastrous postseason with Memphis Grizzlies.

p. 194 | Jimmy Butler beats the Bucks, PHX/LAC, DEN/PHX preview and SAC/GSW

We've almost finished the first round of the NBA Playoffs and we're not short of surprises as Jimmy Butler has finished powering the Miami Heat over the Milwaukee Bucks. From there, we break down how the Phoenix Suns beat the LA Clippers and then preview the second-round matchup against the Denver Nuggets. We finish up with a bit of Golden State Warriors chats.

Ep. 193 | GSW/SAC, The Stomp, DEN/MIN, PHI/BKN and more

We're in the thick of the first round of the NBA Playoffs and we check in to discuss some of the more interesting series. We try and explain why the Sacramento Kings are beating the Golden State Warriors as well as break down 'The Stomp'. From there, we touch on the fading big men of Anthony Davis and Karl-Anthony Towns before having a good ol' fashioned Dillon Brooks hate session.

Ep. 192 | 2022-23 over/under review

It’s time for our beloved annual tradition, reviewing our preseason over/under predictions! Join us as we front up to the successes - and failures - of the past season, and judge us as basketball analysts as we review every team’s record this past season.


The Deep Two is an Australian-based podcast that talks about all things basketball. Established in 2019, hosts Dante and Sean run through everything happening in the NBA as well as run the accompanying blog. If you’d like to contribute, got a question you want us to answer on-air or just say hello, you can find us on social media or at deeptwopodcast@gmail.com

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