Ep. 189 | 2022-23 awards predictions three weeks early

We’re breaking ground on all of the NBA's regular season awards, tackling the hottest MVP race in recent memory, a runaway Rookie of the Year favourite and the most star-studded field of Most Improved candidates we’ve ever seen. On top of that, we put forward our case for the hardest Defensive Player of the Year we've ever done. Listen in to go past the numbers and dig in like never before.

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Toronto commits to winning, but is it the right call?

February 14 · Will Konken

The Toronto Raptors got what they were searching for in a centre at the trade deadline and it’s a familiar face to boot.

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Luka Doncic is redefining winning basketball

February 2 · Matt Parnell

With an absurd load on his shoulders, Luka Doncic is keeping the Dallas Mavericks contending in the Western Conference. Is he even more valuable than we think?

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What should the Warriors do at the trade deadline?

January 31 · Sean Carroll

The clock is ticking and the pressure is on for the Warriors, what can they do at the trade deadline to turn this season around?

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Decisions, decisions for the Dallas Wings

January 24 · Lukas Petridis

2023 free agency is shaking up the entire WNBA and the Dallas Wings need to be precise to ensure they’re still in a position to win this season.

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Markkanen: How high can Lauri bird fly?

December 13 · Marco Holden Jeffery

Lauri Markkanen is showing flashes of his All-Star potential as a three-level offensive threat. But can a team win with the big Finn at the helm?

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Aaron Gordon is key to the Denver Nuggets’ title hopes

December 1 · Sean Carroll

After realising his full potential, Aaron Gordon is no longer a nice role player, he’s essential to winning a title.

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Ep. 188 | How does Kevin Durant look on the Suns? Ja Morant’s trouble and KAT’s injury

Mere hours before we recorded this podcast, two things happened: Dante returned from his trip abroad and Kevin Durant slipped during a warm up and is expected to miss an extended period of time. We talk about the KD experience from a Suns fan’s point of view, then touch on the Ja Morant trouble before briefly mentioning the Karl-Anthony Towns return news.

Ep. 187 | Taking stock of the playoff races, Quin Snyder hiring, James Harden rumours

In this week's episode, we summarise the Playoff and Play-In races with less than 20 games to go for most teams including the stacked Western Conference and the dull bottom of the Eastern Conference. Can the Golden State Warriors make a bit of a run from this hot stretch? Are the Dallas Mavericks not jelling at exactly the wrong time, and who will fall into the bottom-five lottery odds? (And more importantly, will it be on purpose?)

Ep. 186 | A new All-Star Weekend idea, 2023 buyout market and 2021 offseason re-grade | Four-man Weave + Marco

As we leave the NBA All-Star Weekend, we come up with a better way to spend the weekend that should solve many of the major issues. From there, we look at the buyout market including new teams for Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love, Patrick Beverley and more. We spend the rest of the podcast addressing our grades for the 2021 offseason.

Ep. 185 | 2023 NBA Trade Deadline Emergency Podcast

So we jumped the gun a bit earlier on the 2023 NBA Trade Deadline but in this episode, Alessio and Lukas come on to run through all the major trades of the deadline including Kevin Durant to Phoenix, the haul for the Nets, the rework of the LA Lakers, the potentially-nixed Golden State Warriors trade and much more.


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