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Not-so-depressed Sacramento Kings fan, although I'm sure they will strike me down again soon. Contributor to The Deep Two.

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Los Angeles ClippersNBA

The LA Clippers have flipped a James Harden-shaped coin

The James Harden trade has finally gone through and the LA Clippers are making a final push for an elusive NBA championship. Is...


The NBA is becoming unwatchable

In the world of ‘TikTok brained’ consumers and access to a seemingly endless stream of fast-paced content, the slow-played NBA is losing ground.

Indiana PacersNBA

The Pacers face an offseason ripe for decisiveness

The Indiana Pacers are entering yet another offseason in which nobody can guess what type of moves they will make. Will there finally...

Denver NuggetsNBA

Keeping the glue that holds it all together

The Nikola Jokic-led Denver Nuggets have just claimed their first NBA championship and seem destined to win more. With the right personnel moves,...


We know right from wrong: does the NBA?

With high-ranking officials within sports leagues making abhorrent decisions about their personnel and those decisions' implicit treatment of women, the NBA has a...

NBASacramento Kings

Sacramento Kings: Here we go again… again

From the franchise-defining highs of some Summer League wins to the constant regular-season woes, resident Kings fan Alessio Conte asks: what the heck...

NBAPhoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns: So close, yet so far

Despite their meteoric rise from the bottom, the smallest mistakes cost the league-leading Phoenix Suns what may be their one true shot at...


Maturity and humility shine in the First Round of the 2022 NBA Playoffs

Draymond Green once said that there are 82 game players and 16 game players. Well, the First Round of the NBA Playoffs showed...


What’s happening to the MVP?

This year’s Most Valuable Player award is one of the more hotly contested in recent memory, and rightly so, but how did we...

Los Angeles LakersNBA

The Lakers conundrum: A tough situation with a theoretically simple solution

The questionable acquisition of Russell Westbrook in the most recent offseason has been unsuccessful at best for the Lakers, but that does not...