Ep. 157 | 2022 Free Agency Bonanza

Kevin Durant has requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving wants to follow. And that's not even most of what we talk about in the 2022 NBA free agency bonanza. We also touch on the bombshell Rudy Gobert trade to the Minnesota Timberwolves, Karl Anthony-Towns contract extension, the Phoenix Suns prepping for a KD trade, Golden State losing one of their more important pieces while also replacing him, Dejounte Murray traded to the Atlanta Hawks and much more.

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The New York Knicks have Jalen Brunson, now what?

July 1 · Sean Carroll

The Knicks finally won a free agency battle, all it took was overpaying and employing his dad. Now what?

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Five players we’re excited for at the 2022 NBA Draft

June 23 · Various

The talking heads each bring a name to the table of someone that we’re watching this NBA Draft and why.

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This one was the sweetest

June 20 · Sean Carroll

The Golden State Warriors have won their fifth NBA championship and fourth as part of the modern era, and this one was by far the best.

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NBA 2K is heading in the wrong direction

June 12 · Sean Carroll

The monopoly that 2K has on basketball video games is damaging the product.

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The myth of 'Heat Culture'

June 7 · Marco Holden Jeffrey

They might've won the offseason, but have they positioned themselves to win a championship?

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With Luka, the Mavericks’ title window is wide open

May 31 · Lukas Petridis

With Luka Dončić at the peak of his powers, the Dallas Mavericks need to take a swing this offseason.

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Hosted by Dante and Sean (@SeanCarrollNBA), The Deep Two is a weekly NBA podcast that goes live weekly to talk about all things NBA-related from opening night all the way to the offseason. We hope you enjoy!

Ep. 156 | 2022 NBA Draft, trades and the wrong hats

We’re here to break down the biggest stories of the 2022 NBA Draft, from shuffling at the top to the hidden gems at the back of the first round. We’ve got confusing trades,the Sacramento Kings being Kangz and the Detroit Pistons building for the future. Plus, Kyrie Irving wants out in Brooklyn, Jerami Grant is on the move and Daryl Morey has done it again.

Ep. 155 | Can Golden State clinch? Christian Wood trade

On this week's episode, we talk about what we're seeing in the #NBAFinals as the Golden State Warriors look to close things out in Game 6 against the Boston Celtics. Should the Celtics double Steph Curry every time down again and make the role players beat them on the road? Afterwards, we take a look at the future and talk about the Warriors' offseason plans and how they can re-sign this roster. Following this, we break down the most recent trade that sent Christian Wood from the Houston Rockets to the Dallas Mavericks.

Ep. 154 | Who has the edge in the NBA Finals and where will Deandre Ayton go?

In this week's episode of the pod, Dante is away on important thesis business so we replace him with the three best-looking, best-talking gentlemen we can find! The Four-man Weave + Marco - Dante runs through the NBA Finals that are currently tied 1-1, asking if the Golden State Warriors really have the edge after losing one at home to the Boston Celtics.

Ep. 153 | NBA Finals preview, what happened in Game 7?

The NBA Finals are upon us and this week we’re diving deep on Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics, checking in with the biggest storylines around each team, making predictions and generally operating with good vibes. We’ll sprinkle in some pop-culture chat and finish with Sean’s recent brush with NBA royalty before buckling ourselves in for the biggest showcase in basketball.

Ep. 152 | BOS/MIA, GSW/DAL, Tim Connelly leaves | Four-man Weave + Marco

It’s a Four-man Weave + Marco as we tackle a lacklustre NBA Conference Finals with our usual vigour and flair. We talk about the Game 4 blowout between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat before touching on the veteran trouncing of the Dallas Mavericks by the Golden State Warriors. Next we discuss the Minnesota Timberwolves poaching Tim Connelly from the Denver Nuggets and look forward to the rest of the postseason.

Ep. 151 | DAL/GSW, defence and international prospects with Matt Parnell

The Phoenix Suns have slipped behind the horizon, the Golden State Warriors are battling the Dallas Mavericks and the playoffs keep rolling on. This week we welcome The Deep Two contributor Matt Parnell to run through the latest playoff action before turning our eyes to the return of playoff defence and the upcoming draft.


The Deep Two is an Australian-based podcast that talks about all things basketball. Established in 2019, hosts Dante and Sean run through everything happening in the NBA as well as run the accompanying blog. If you’d like to contribute, got a question you want us to answer on-air or just say hello, you can find us on social media or at deeptwopodcast@gmail.com

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