Ep. 166 | 2022-23 over/unders - Western Conference

The Western Conference is in for the return of some titans this season, with the LA Clippers and Denver Nuggets both welcoming returning stars. A bumper group of young stars will be on their tails, though, and we break down every angle for every team in the second installment of our over/unders series.

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Las Vegas Aces top off historic season with Championship

September 20 · Lukas Petridis

Two red hot outfits decide the fate of the 2022 WNBA season but the Las Vegas Aces proved to be too much.

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WNBA icons send each other packing in Round Two

September 12 · Lukas Petridis

Heartbreak awaits as an unforgiving second round of the WNBA playoffs leaves Hall of Fame careers in question.

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We know right from wrong: does the NBA?

August 30 · Alessio Conte

The NBA has a rare second chance to be a beacon of hope for the next generation.

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Top-end teams too tough in Round One

August 25 · Lukas Petridis

A top-heavy slew of contenders contrasted by young stars wanting to make their first lasting mark on the league

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What the fuck is happening in Brooklyn?

August 11 · Sean Carroll

The drama-filled collection of Hall of Famers that we know as the Brooklyn Nets have added another note to their Wikipedia page.

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How far can Karl-Anthony Towns take the Wolves?

August 9 · Sean Carroll

After signing an extension, KAT is committed to Minnesota. But just how good is he and how far can a player of his calibre take a team?

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Ep. 165 | 2022-23 over/unders - Eastern Conference

It’s the fourth annual edition of a Deep Two favourite - Over/Unders! This week we’re rolling through the Eastern Conference to place our predictions, from the bottom right up to the contenders leading the conference.

Ep. 164 | RJ Barrett extension, offseason survey, Westbrook spin doctors

This week, we talk about the recent RJ Barrett extension and what it means for the Donovan Mitchell-to-New York sweepstakes. From there, we talk about ESPN's recent offseason survey that asks 15 league officials some of the biggest talking points in the NBA right now and then we finish on the Russell Westbrook spin doctors visiting the LA Lakers. Disclaimer: Both Knicks news and Westbrook/LAL news will be embargoed until we find out some concrete news.

Ep. 163 | Talking about tanking, Pat Beverley trade

The Brooklyn Nets are getting the band back together and the LA Lakers are making moves to keep pace in the Western Conference arms race, but this week we’re tackling the bottom of the league and talking about tanking. What’s the best way to tank? Does it work? And who’s going to come out on top? We answer these questions and more, right here.

Ep. 162 | What’s going to happen with Miles Bridges and Montrezl Harrell?

Miles Bridges and Montrezl Harrell are in legal trouble and because of it, they haven't re-signed with the Charlotte Hornets or another team in NBA free agency. Over a hundred players have found a new home but these two are without a team. We project what might have with the two and what it means for the Hornets next season and beyond.

Ep. 161 | Revisiting the Donovan Mitchell vs Brandon Ingram debate

Brandon Ingram vs Donovan Mitchell, Tiny Beast vs Spider, a duo that... probably nobody has really compared. In this week's episode of The Deep Two NBA Podcast, we revisit a debate from 120 (!) episodes ago between Ingram and Mitchell. Who would you rather on a hypothetical new team, who would you rather in the playoffs and so on.


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