How to maximise the Minnesota Timberwolves on offence? | The Film Room

The Minnesota Timberwolves have five of their next seven first-round picks being controlled by the Utah Jazz. Compound this with their current payroll and multiple players looking to get paid in the upcoming offseason, they will be sure to have a hefty tax bill next season.

This team has shown the NBA world that they believe their championship window is open, but their first campaign with Rudy Gobert hasn’t started as smoothly as they would have liked.

The offensive firepower on this team's roster has yet to be maximised and although they’re getting their players into good positions, they haven’t displayed much cohesion in the early going. Are these simply growing pains, or is it time to start asking questions in Minnesota?

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Lukas Petridis

Lukas Petridis is one half of The JVG NBA Tribute Show and long-time contributor to The Deep Two. He can occasionally be found as a guest on episodes of The Deep Two NBA Podcast and putting up shots at the immortal Cheese Bridge in Melbourne.

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